EPDM rubber seals

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber seals are widely used in various industries for sealing applications due to their excellent weather resistance, temperature resistance, and overall durability. Here are some key characteristics and applications of EPDM rubber seals: **1. Weather Resistance:** - EPDM rubber exhibits exceptional resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV exposure. This makes it an ideal material for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight and the elements is a concern. **2. Temperature Resistance:** - EPDM has good heat resistance, which allows it to maintain its properties in a wide range of temperatures. It can withstand both high and low temperatures, making it suitable for diverse environmental conditions. **3. Chemical Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is resistant to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis. However, its resistance can vary depending on the specific chemicals involved. **4. Water and Steam Resistance:** - EPDM is known for its

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